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    • Just an update, the Scholars of Novia website was created here: http://www.scholarsofnovia.com/
    • I'll be creating "A troubled past", which will be in two volumes. I would prefer one, but it's exactly 1 character short of the maximum character limit and I want to include a cover page, like that in the below post:  
    • @Rumblebore, I thought the same when I read some of their responses. It's great that they are thinking about the longevity of the game and not the short-term I-want-it-all-right-now attitude we see from the WoW generation players.
    • For R34 there will be many new instruments (namely the one-man bands). Once details are released on how to play these instruments I'll post information here.
    • It's been about 8-9 months since I researched converting MP3 to MIDI to ABC notation. I'll try digging up what programs I used. If you have additional information on music in SoTA , please post in this thread. Music and Instruments
      Original Post

      Musically-inclined Avatars can play instruments and songs for the enjoyment of friends, tavern patrons, or random passers-by. At present, your character can only play music while having a hand-held instrument equipped (such a as a lute) or by interacting with an instrument placed in the world (such as the piano in the Owl’s Head tavern).

      Once equipped with a musical instrument, use the /play command to ready it then use number keys 1-8 to plays notes. Non-equipped instruments like pianos do not need to be readied with /play.

      You can also play musical files by placing them in the SotA Songs folder. The filepath in your SotA install is: Shroud of the Avatar_Data\Data\Songs

      All music files must be in the .mml or .abc file format. By default, the game begins with a copy of RuleBritannia.abc already in this folder. /play - Ready equipped instrument #1-8- Plays notes. #1 is 1 Middle C pitch /playlist- prints a list of all the songs in your songs folder /play <songname>- plays the song, by file name, from your songs folder /play <songname> loop- loops the song after finishing it /play <songname> sync- prepares a song to play while in a party /playstart- starts all party members playing their synced song Conversion Converting from MIDI to ABC Format Sites http://abcnotation.com/ LOTRO has quite a few ABC files that will work in SoTA.
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    New and Old souls are sought to join The Honor Empire to stand up to defend HONOR HOLD and support its garrison as it is called upon against the dark forces of the realm.  Artisans, Tradespeople, Spell-casters and Adventurer souls are all welcome as well as those that would stand in the garrison.  We have lots ready for your home construction as well as “realm” roles within HONOR HOLD that require great commitments and ability (Role-playing). Our goal is simply to provide a home for our past, present and future friends that they can enjoy the SHROUD OF THE AVATAR Game experience free of drama-lamas in a mature guild of gamers.  Would you like to join us?

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